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Chess Sets & Games

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Explore NOVICA's Chess Sets & Games Collection. Discover handcrafted chess sets, dominoes, dakon, jigsaws, kites, ring tosses and hand-carved puzzles in this diverse collection designed to delight any age.

Spotlight on Backgammon & Chess Sets

The historical origins of chess are commonly attributed to a game played in India in the 6th century, chaturanga or "the four parts of an army," infantry, chariots, horses and elephants. The Persians took interest and adapted the game; from them comes the term shah mat or "checkmate." It is believed the Moors introduced the game to Europe via Spain. Since then, the fascination with chess continues to evolve and the game is played throughout the world.Novica contributes to the worldwide propagation of the legendary game with chess sets that are crafted by hand from a variety of materials. In Brazil, Rogerio Martins transforms tin into original chess pieces, while Samuel and Francis Agbey hand-carve wood chess sets that are rich in African tribal stylizations. Khyali Ram perpetuates India's chess legacy with elegant wood sets, some of which include backgammon sets.Ketut Sandi carves highly detailed ornamental backgammon and chess sets that also function as decorative tables. His inspiration comes from nature, the Ramayana, or Buddhist themes, amongst others.Mexico's Armando Ramirez strategy is to approach the game from an eco-friendly position as he recycles auto parts into one-of-a-kind chess sets that challenge you to identify each piece!

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Discover our unique collection of beautiful, handmade objects from around the world, inspired by more than a century of exploration.

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