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From left to right: ‘Festive Terracotta’ cotton tunic, ‘Colca Melange’ alpaca sweater, ‘Chiang Mai Chic’ cotton dress, ‘Westport’ sweater

As the days get shorter and the leaves start to fall, we may regret the end of summer but we relish the opportunity to wear new cool-weather fashions.

Indulge in cozy Irish wool and Peruvian alpaca knits, fresh linen or cotton shirts, classic tweed jackets and more. You can’t go wrong with NOVICA’s exclusive Fall Collection of handcrafted, ethical fashion finds.

Spotlight on Alpaca

See how one alpaca artisan turned his life into a work of art.

Fernando Cano is full of gratitude. “Very few people in this world dedicate themselves to something they really love, as I do,” he says. “For me, this work means everything.”

Fernando’s parents were not weavers but worked the fields in the Macate district of Ancash, Peru where he was born. Instead, it was his uncles who taught him the craft that now fills his life with meaning.

“The greatest challenge I’ve ever faced was getting my family to understand my passion for textiles.”

By Fernando Cano, from left to right: ‘Patchwork’ alpaca cardigan, ‘Nasca Labyrinth’ men’s alpaca pullover, ‘Modern Geometry’ crew-neck sweater

Today, Fernando imbues his creations with the rich history of Andean alpaca, its colors, patterns, and motifs. He says, “I love being part of this world, where I can translate materials into beautiful, wearable designs.”

Artisans like Fernando Cano make shopping for fall such a joyful experience.

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