Delivering the World, One Box at a Time

Influencer Debbie Savage with her Peru Undiscovered Artisan Box

NOVICA’s one-of-a-kind Undiscovered Artisan Subscription Box combines culture, global fashion, traditional handicrafts and more in a beautifully gift-wrapped presentation. Social media influencer Debbie Savage had this to say about her Winter Undiscovered Artisan Box, which featured Peru and the Andes region:

“I received their Winter Artisan Box, which delivers artisan treasures from Peru — the Land of the Incas — with the help of a local curator and artisan guide named Nilda Callanaupa, who is an internally acclaimed weaver. The “Undiscovered” Peru Box features over (20) local artisan options for your home, closet, and jewelry box. Each box also includes fascinating behind-the-scenes stories, intriguing insider facts, and always a special gift from your artisan guide.”

It’s the ultimate world artisan gift box, showcasing talented artisans from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Fine artist Claudia Kazachinsky sketched the treasures she received in her Bali Undiscovered Artisan Box, including a batik robe, hand-carved wood relief panel, teak wood bowl, eco-friendly stainless steel straws and handcrafted tinned candle.

What exotic treasures will you discover in the NOVICA Undiscovered Artisan Subscription Box?



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