For Dads, By Dads

Balinese artisan Komang Wijayana with his daughter

With Father’s Day around the corner, we spoke to some NOVICA artisans who happen to be dads. Here is what they had to say.

“On Father’s Day we always get together, cook our favorite dishes at home and then enjoy them together. The most important thing for a father is togetherness with family. Whatever the activity, if you do it with your family, all the moments become so precious.”

-Komang Wijayana, Bali


Khalid Ali with his children

“One of the greatest gifts that I have ever received from God is when my elder daughter first called me ‘papa.’ I got to become a father because of her. Now I am blessed with two beautiful daughters.” He expresses his joy upon returning home from a long day at work. “Both my daughters run to give me a big hug. All the stress of the day melts away at that very moment.” Of his own father, Khalid has beautiful memories. He recalls watching movies with him in the theater and traveling to different destinations together. His hopes for his children are the hopes that transcend boundaries to unite all parents around the world—”to give them a better education and fulfill their dreams so that they become independent, strong, confident and practical in their own lives.”

-Khalid Ali, India


Ghanaian artisan Kwaku Ofosuhene Apenteng

“I remember welcoming home my father, a giant of a man who always carried me on his chest. He worked out of town, and I missed him very much anytime he was away. So, the opportunity of living with my children as a single parent has brought me my happiest moments as a father. I love the experience of raising them, seeing them study, and hearing them play and laugh in their rooms, making fun of themselves. What amuses me most is when they come into my room one after the other to say good morning to me. They make me very proud.”

-Kwaku Ofosuhene Apenteng, Ghana


“A beautiful memory I have of my father is from when we lived in Mexico City. I was about three years old. My father always made toys for my brothers and me using the most common things. When it rained, we’d make paper boats and wait for the storm to be over. That has inspired me ever since. Now that I’m a father, I share this inspiration and creativity with my daughters. It’s something they’ll remember for many years.”

-Armando Ramirez, Mexico


Jewelry artisan Ari Gunawan

“My grandfather was one of the elders in my village and also one of the most skilled silver craftsmen. He was the one who taught me. Now I am married, and we are blessed with two sons. Being a father is really amazing for me — many things have changed since I became a father. The old me was selfish and thought only about myself, but now my children are always in my thoughts. I am always thinking about how to prepare for their studies, provide for their needs and also prepare for their future.”

-Ari Gunawan, Bali





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