The Artisan G20 in Bali This Week

Shaking Hands

These Balinese artisans walk the walk

When the G20 world leaders depart Bali this week, hundreds of unsung heroes will remain in Bali – their home – continuing to work for change. Continuing to tread lightly on Mother Earth. Continuing to inspire peace. Continuing to encourage fair trade. Below, we’re proud to honor 20 such artisan leaders: NOVICA’s “G20” in Bali. We encourage you to support these and more impassioned Balinese changemakers, who help light the way for us all.

Peace Necklace

“If humans want to live peacefully and sustainably, world peace is essential. To create a peaceful world, all countries must work together to make advancements that benefit all humans, regardless of their origin. Global problems can be solved through dialogue and respect for applicable international law, without war.”

–Nyoman Ariawan, World Peace Project jeweler, Bali



“The material used to make our upcycled glass products come from discarded wine, beer, water, and other glass bottles originating from the tourism industry. Our goal is to build a truly ‘Zero Waste’ system where waste is not waste but merely materials on the way to being used again and again and again. Zero Waste is a philosophy and a design principle for the 21st century.”

–Peduli Bali, recycled glass artists, Bali


“If everything is created with peace, the world will not have more war, violence, or conflict among our countries, and we will all truly prosper. Positive thinking helps people do right and speak the truth. If all of creation thinks positively and does right, the world will be peaceful and not have more war, violence, or conflict, and so we will all prosper.”

–The Subrata Family, World Peace Project sustainable wood carvers, Bali


Wood relief panel

“The process to make peace for the common good in society and the world starts with the self, doing small things such as meditating and practicing mindfulness to solve problems for the sake of both peace and the world. There should be no such thing as enmity. We must forgive and love one another in order to achieve peace. We are all brothers and sisters in this world where there should be no such thing as hatred. Love and peace are powerful concepts that inevitably go hand in hand, because one does not exist without the other.”

–Wayan Rendah, World Peace Project sustainable wood carver, Bali


Riris Simanjuntak

“I have a small artisan workshop and we recycle discarded materials like old newspapers or magazines. Some materials are easy to find and some are difficult, and that contributes to making a balance in my life. It is good for the environment, for sure.”

–Riris Simanjuntak, eco-friendly home decor, Bali


Natural fiber journal

“I never forget to give thanks each day for the life and family I have. They are so great and we work together, side by side, to create a better future for our children. The materials I use are mostly natural fibers like banana bark, hibiscus leaves, lamtoro and recycled paper.”

–Komang Sulaksana, eco-friendly paper gifts, Bali


Buana Portrait

“If a community is able to create peace in terms of living conditions, and in terms of embracing the existence of others in general, the population in each village will be happy to carry out activities in each of their diverse fields…. If these aspects develop well, then the creation of harmonious relationships with our fellow human beings, and also with the universe, is possible.”

–Wayan Buana, World Peace Project jeweler, Bali


Recycled plastic phone stand

“We believe that the recycled products we produce will have a place in the hearts of customers because each product has a long story in the process and is produced by people with disabilities who are not easily discouraged.”

–Yayasan Kaki Kita, recycled plastic home decor and accessories, Bali


Batik cotton wall hanging

“Peace can be realized by mutual tolerance and love for one another. This can start from the smallest circle, namely the family. Instill a sense of love and peace from an early age so that in the future there will be mutual respect…. Peace is a daily, weekly, and monthly process of gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, and quietly building new structures.” 

–Ida Bagus Lawa Bargawa, World Peace Project batik painter, Bali


Ida Ratna Ningrum

 “My definition of world peace is the desire of every human being…. My hope for world peace is that all human beings can individually create something good and respect each other, and then peace will be established.”

–Ida Ratna Ningrum, World Peace Project painter, Bali


Sterling silver cuff bracelet

“I hope that all humans in the world live side by side in peace, despite all the differences that exist in the world. Based on our universal values of compassion and humanity, we can hold hands and live in peace.”

–Dewa Arimbawa, World Peace Project jeweler, Bali


Beautifulness Sunrise

“We as God’s creatures must have peaceful feelings and hearts. A peaceful heart allows us to forgive each other for all mistakes, maintain good relations with fellow creatures of God and be grateful for what we have and are. If we can live from the heart, we will feel grateful and will always be at peace.”

–Aldi, World Peace Project painter, Bali


Love Dancing

Wayan Sudiana expresses himself through his art. His collection of hand carved statutes is resplendent with themes of love, peace, and understanding between peoples.

–Nyoman Sudiana, World Peace Project sustainable wood sculptor, Bali


Nyoman Tomblos

“Protecting nature’s harmony enables a peaceful, mutually prosperous existence free from the vices of urban society. There cannot be peace without the protection of nature and the honoring of humanity’s origins…. If not us, who else can begin to create peace?”

–Nyoman Tomblos, Word Peace Project painter, Bali


Tweet About Peace

“All difficulties and inconveniences are guests in our life. Welcome them with a smiling face and never forget to pray at every moment.”

–Sri Hidayat, World Peace Project painter, Bali


Dody Portrait

“Meditation is a way to a spiritual peace, and the peak is for man to become one with God.”

–Dody, World Peace Project painter, Bali


Colorful Betta Fish

“As with all differences, let’s all try to avoid disputes, which often leads to hostility. When we try to respect others’ opinions and honor our differences, there is peace and harmony, which always leads to happiness living together.”

–Mahmud, World Peace Project painter, Bali



“Peace is love and mutual giving. Starting from ourselves to our neighbors, our environment, animals, plants, and the universe. The best leaders think about the people of the world, not their own ego. Because life is a gift from God, live the day and live it with love.”

–Aricadia, Bali, World Peace Project painter, Bali


Peaceful Together

“World peace is a human right, so we all have to try to make it happen in our own way. It must be pursued by everyone and everywhere…. We must respect each other, respect and tolerate every difference that exists. We are all brothers and families, and there is no quarrel, war, and enmity between us all to achieve eternal world peace,” the artists says.

–Harmon, World Peace Project painter, Bali



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