Handmade for Peace

In honor of the UN International Day of Peace, we’re celebrating artisans and the handmade treasures they create. What does shopping handmade have to do with world peace? As the UN International Day of Peace approaches, we’re discussing this important question at Novica.

In the abstract, world peace can feel so big and overwhelming, that we may wonder what impact we might possibly have. Yet for the individuals who live without it, peace does not feel abstract. It feels specific. It is why we champion everyday actions and personal decisions. At Novica, we choose to start with handmade.

When you shop directly from artisans, you empower a weaver to send her daughter to school. You enable a sculptor to put food on the table and a roof over his family’s head. You uplift an entire community of glass blowers, and you inspire a jewelry maker to do what she loves, including artisan Alejandra Aceves in Mexico, who put it beautifully when she said, “By reducing social inequality, mitigating hunger, and avoiding inequality, we can help achieve peace.”

At Novica, we have some exciting new projects in the works, inspired by a universal desire for world peace. We asked artisans to use their chosen medium to create works of art that reflect their vision of the path to world peace. Stay tuned for more about the incredible art that they’re creating…

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